Together We Can

We believe beef can be a force for good – a valuable resource through which to address the urgency of climate change and build supply chains that support a stronger, more resilient world.

Our goal

Our goal is to cut beef emissions from our North American beef supply chain by 30% by 20301

We have a vision to feed the world today by protecting the planet for tomorrow. Watch this video to find out how BeefUp is strengthening the future of agriculture.

Climate change is the #1 concern for U.S. and Canadian beef consumers2

At Cargill, we are advocating for collective action to tackle climate change head on. Working with dedicated partners, we are taking decisive steps, identifying practical, scalable solutions to secure a healthy, sustainable future for us all.

We have set a bold goal for our North American beef supply chain: our four-pillar strategy is the key to sustainably transforming beef to help the world thrive. Explore the purpose that inspires us and the strategy that is guiding our journey.

Our Purpose and Strategy

Collaborating for change

Cargill is investing in innovations to build a more sustainable supply chain for beef. However, bold action requires strong partnerships – that’s why we are also collaborating on solutions with stakeholders throughout the value chain. By working with the world’s largest conservation organizations and engaging our customers, we can support ranchers and farmers to unlock the potential in beef that will benefit us all.

Partnerships in action

I learned to respect the land on our family farm, and I carry that responsibility forward to protect the Earth’s resources – for my daughter, and for future generations.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest in sustainable beef at Cargill and beyond.

  1. GHG intensity reduction measured on a per pound of product basis from a 2017 baseline.
  2. Source: Cargill’s proprietary BeefUp consumer insights research