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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Cargill’s BeefUp Sustainability initiative?

    BeefUp Sustainability is a climate change initiative that engages stakeholders across the supply chain to build tailored programs for customers that help them achieve their goals and fit within four focus areas: Mobilize (grazing management), Cultivate (feed production), Accelerate (innovation), Fulfill (food waste).
    BeefUp Sustainability aims to scale, share and support good conservation practices and accelerate progress within the beef supply chain. This program is opt-in, meaning we invite others to partner with us, like farmers, ranchers, NGOs, government entities, customers and industry colleagues, to work toward meaningful progress and create value across the supply chain.
    Our customers are setting ambitious climate commitments in beef, and they are turning to suppliers to help them achieve them. Our unique position and deep relationships across the supply chain help set us apart, and through BeefUp Sustainability, we are accelerating real solutions that help us meet our shared commitments.

    How does the BeefUp Sustainability initiative support Cargill’s global climate commitment?

    Cargill is one of North America’s largest beef processors, processing more than 8 million cattle and producing nearly 8 billion pounds of boxed beef and by-products each year. By focusing on our beef supply chain in North America, which is where the majority of our business is located, we can make a real difference in greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction for the protein business and Cargill.
    Our greatest opportunity and challenge – and our customers’ – is to help address the risks of climate change that are outside of our direct operations. That is why Cargill is committed to reducing our global supply chain emissions by 30% per ton of product by 2030, relative to a 2017 baseline. To reach our goal, we will focus our efforts on reducing GHG emissions in the supply chains and regions where we can have the most impact. Our progress through BeefUp Sustainability will help Cargill achieve its climate commitment.