Advancing rancher-led grazing efforts in Canada

Cargill partners with A&W Canada and ALUS to expand regenerative agriculture practices across more than 6,000 acres in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with the Grazing Forward initiative.

Sustainable agriculture is intrinsic to our survival on this planet. From carbon emissions to water conservation and from healthy ecosystems to soil biodiversity, the way we produce food can dramatically affect global climate change.

ALUS – Canada’s agriculture conservation organization – has been producing, enhancing and maintaining ecosystem services on agricultural lands for nearly 20 years.

ALUS recognizes the crucial role beef ranchers and their cattle play in addressing climate change, improving Canadian ecosystems and supporting communities as we negotiate a more sustainable way of living.

Grazing Forward

The Grazing Forward initiative is a three-year program that builds on the success of ALUS’s New Acre Project – accelerating rancher-led grazing projects to mitigate climate change.

With a $1.8 million CAD ($1.5 million USD) investment from A&W Canada and Cargill, the Grazing Forward initiative will provide ranchers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with technical guidance, cost sharing and annual per-acre payments as they implement regenerative agriculture practices.

Cutting greenhouse gases

These improved grazing practices will rebuild soil organic matter and restore soil biodiversity, increasing carbon drawdown and improving water cycles. The program’s goal is to reach 6,700 acres and sequester up to 13,400 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year – the carbon equivalent of driving more than 31 million miles in an average family car.

Community focus

With Grazing Forward, local impact is guided by local engagement. Implementation is supported at the local level by Partnership Advisory Committees made up of farmers, municipal leaders and key stakeholders. These committees guide program activities to ensure they address local priorities, such as watershed management and protection of wildlife species.

Our partners

Investments from companies such as that of A&W in Grazing Forward are vital to developing programs that ensure agricultural sustainability is achievable on every level.

ALUS provides direct financial and technical support to a network of farmers and ranchers who deliver ecosystem services in their communities such as cleaner air, cleaner water, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood mitigation, pollinator support and wildlife habitat.

A&W Canada only uses grass-fed beef that is raised without artificial hormones and steroids. The burger chain is committed to working with Canadian producers to grow Canada’s grass-fed and finished beef market – and part of that commitment is investing in the growing regenerative agriculture movement.

We’re proud to work alongside like-minded organizations that, through partnership, help drive innovation in the industry through sustainable practices.

Grazing Management