Partnering to boost regenerative agriculture in the Southern Great Plains

The five-year $5 million project will lean on the power of partnerships to address climate change and sequester carbon through regenerative agriculture practices and cattle grazing.

Cargill and Burger King have joined forces with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) – the largest private conservation grant provider in the U.S. – on a project to support cattle ranchers committed to addressing climate change.

With a goal to introducing regenerative agriculture on 1 million acres of land across Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, up to $5 million will be provided through the partnership. The funding is also expected to generate 1:1 matching contributions from NFWF, creating a total on-the-ground impact of up to $10 million. This will fund implementation of sustainable practices with the potential to help sequester up to 360,000 metric tons of carbon annually – enough to offset the energy needed to power 43,000 U.S. homes for one year.

“As one of the biggest buyers of beef in North America, partnering with Cargill and NFWF allows us to accelerate ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our beef supply chain, and to make meaningful impacts important to our planet and guests,” said Tom Curtis, President of Burger King.

The Southern Great Plains are home to a unique set of wildlife species that are specifically adapted to this grassland ecosystem. Many of these species are year-round residents that live on, or migrate through, ranching lands. Together, Burger King, Cargill and NFWF will bring technical resources to ranching organizations across the region, to improve grassland management and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The implementation of voluntary conservation measures supported by the Southern Plains Grassland Program will focus on scaling grazing practices that conserve and restore grasslands and wildlife species through innovative and localized approaches,” said Jeff Trandahl, Executive Director and CEO of NFWF.

This cross-industry collaboration creates an opportunity for beef production to positively impact the environment. Burger King, Cargill and NFWF are each committed to making beef production more sustainable, reinforcing the important role beef and cattle play in helping the Southern Great Plains thrive.

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